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Download my free ebook "5 keys for a better Prayer" :

Prayer to Saint Charbel

Saint Charbel Prayer of the Glorious Mysteries

Welcome to this prayer with Saint Charbel. It's a joy to pray together with this great saint from Lebanon, a Maronite monk who intercedes with great power and performs dazzling miracles, especially healings. That's why I'm asking you today to entrust yourselves to his very powerful prayer, to ask for the healing of the sick and all illnesses of the soul and body.

I invite you to entrust your prayer intentions now, and throughout this Glorious Rosary, and to entrust those of others, in great intercession for all those who entrust their need for healing. Saint Charbel, we entrust to your prayer the healing of all the sick.

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Listen to the Glorious Rosary with Saint Charbel :

You will find in this video from my Youtube channel With Mary the the prayer of the Rosary of Saint Charbel:

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Introduction to the prayer for powerful healing

Beloved Father, in this rosary with Saint Charbel, we entrust to you all the intentions of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. We also entrust the Church to you, Father, our Pope, bishops, priests, deacons and consecrated men and women religious, and all the faithful that we are. Father, bless our hearts, hear us, heal us, sanctify us. Amen.

Virgin Mary, we begin this rosary by offering and consecrating our prayers to you, our Mother. Obtain for us many graces, especially healing, through your intercession and with all the saints, especially Saint Charbel. We pray Amen.

Glorious Mysteries with Saint Charbel

Prayer for a Miracle of Saint Charbel

In this mystery, Lord, through the intercession of Saint Charbel, we immerse all our requests for miracles and healing in the glory of your Resurrection. Your Resurrection is the greatest miracle that has ever existed on earth. It draws us into a new life and tells us that our trials and sufferings have an end and that this definitive end is not bodily death but the glory of our bodies and souls.

Thank you for the hope that this mystery inspires, Lord; thank you for Saint Charbel, with whom we turn to you to ask for this miracle, this healing, this personal transformation in this mystery. Through your Resurrection, Lord Jesus, renew our lives, heal, restore and sanctify all areas of our lives. We pray Amen! Alleluia.

Saint Charbel, accomplishes Healings and Miracles in the Prayer of this Powerful Rosary of Sorrowful Mysteries with the Virgin Mary. Saint Charbel Makhlouf, a great Lebanese saint, prays with strength for physical healing, inner healing, spiritual healing of all diseases, intercedes for the sick. This prayer is a continuation of the Litany of Saint Charbel before the Sorrowful Rosary.

Prayer for the healing of illnesses

In this mystery, Lord, we want to entrust to you the healing of the sick, especially those close to us who are ill, whatever the illness involved. Ascended to heaven, Jesus, you do not abandon those you have saved, and you give us your powerful name. You give us the intercession of all the saints, especially Saint Charbel today, to obtain our healing or that of someone close to us.

So in the Name of Jesus and through Saint Charbel may every physical disease now be cast out: disease of the bones, disease of the muscles, of the tendons, disease of the nerves, disease of the blood, disease of the digestive organs, disease of the sexual organs, disease of all the organs, of all the bodily functions, disease of the cells, cancer and other long-lasting diseases, you leave in the Name of Jesus, definitively. Amen. Alleluia.

Lord, by your Precious Blood shed, by your Resurrection, by your Ascension to the right hand of the Father, come and recreate all that needs recreating in our bodies, come and restore, bless, and heal. Amen. Saint Charbel, thank you for your powerful intercession which has obtained for us, in Faith, the healing of our illnesses. Amen

Prayer to Saint Charbel for Inner Healing

In this mystery, Lord, we ask you for the power of the Holy Spirit through the prayer of Saint Charbel to obtain our inner healing. Yes, Holy Spirit, you who renewed the face of the earth at Pentecost, we ask you to renew all our faculties, all our inner, and mental capacities, our intelligence, and our will. Come also to purify our memory, and heal our inner wounds by visiting all the roots of these wounds, however old they may be and even in past generations.

Holy Spirit, you are all-powerful and you love to come to our aid, so come, Lord, through the prayers of all the saints, especially Saint Charbel. Dear friends, we can entrust these deficiencies, these wounds, these inner vulnerabilities, as well as all our fears and worries, to the Holy Spirit, who wants to do something great today. Amen! And so we pray for one another. Alleluia.

Prayer for Spiritual Healing

In this mystery, Lord, we ask you for our spiritual healing. Through the Virgin Mary Immaculate Conception, who today is lifted up into heaven, we also ask you to cleanse us of all sin so that we may rise to you in freedom and joy. Forgive us Lord, by your grace, by your Mercy, heal our souls of the wound of sin, especially through confession.

Heal our souls of original sin by giving them the grace of baptism, for all those who have not received it. We also entrust to you, through the intercession of Saint Charbel Makhlouf, the souls of those in agony, so that you may cure them of all sin before their death, and the souls in purgatory, so that they too may obtain from your mercy definitive healing and their entry into heaven. I suggest, friends, that we name the people we wish to entrust in this mystery, living or dead, to obtain for them this spiritual healing. Amen.

Healing prayer for our countries

In this mystery Lord, through Mary Queen of Heaven and Earth, through Saint Charbel, through all the saints, we ask you to heal our countries, to heal all the social and community wounds in our countries, all the wounds of division, all the wounds of violence and war.

Through Saint Charbel, we entrust to you, in a special way, Lebanon and the whole of the Middle East, including the Holy Land. Come and give your peace, Lord, to this region that you have trodden with your own feet. Through Mary our Queen, we also entrust to you each of our countries, peace in countries at war, peace for the whole world, your peace Jesus, through the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. I invite you, dear friends, to raise up in this mystery a fervent prayer for peace for our leaders and for our countries. Amen.

Conclusion of the Prayer to Saint Charbel for a Miracle and Healing

If you enjoyed this Glorious Rosary with Saint Charbel, like it and share it around you so that many people can entrust their healing and miracle to the very powerful prayer of this saint and all the saints.

To thank you for taking part, I am offering you my digital book: 5 essential keys to effective prayer. Click here to download it.

Virgin Mary, thank you for your prayer for us in the company of the saints of Heaven, especially in the company of Saint Charbel. We entrust to you all the fruits of our humble prayer, keep them well so that we may always grow in God's grace. Amen.

Thank you, dear friends, for this beautiful prayer with Saint Charbel. In the faith that we have obtained many cures, may this great saint continue to accompany you in a special way in the coming days and continue his work of healing in you. Amen. And I look forward to praying with you again in the next video. But until then, God bless you and joy in Jesus.

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